Why I’m still upset about Game of Thrones

The final episode of Game of Thrones aired over a year and a half ago. Why bring it up now, then? one might ask. I’m bringing it up now because the series apparently has longevity, albeit not in the way viewers would have expected before its infamous eighth season was broadcast. I encounter it nearly […]


Year in review a.k.a. games I played

    This past year expanded the theater of war between the “real” and the “imaginary,” I think. “Alternative facts” became an alternate reality where a large proportion of the US population seemed intent on willing the virus out of existence by simply behaving as if it didn’t exist. Now we have over 360,000 deaths, […]


A tribute to poppies, questions on memory

November 11th is almost over, but I wanted to write about poppies, so here I am.   Another day on the verge of departure, another week past, another season, and it’s not like I can call it unremarkable. And yet what drove me to “blog” again is not the world per se, but the idea […]


From the backgrounds of pictures from family visits near Traverse City, MI, “Cherry Capital of the World”

Tart Cherries  All that glitters isn’t blood, but still, a million needle pricks and tingling skin when I see their shock of red, the vacationing feeling that inhabits this land pre-midsummer. Reincarnation, their reality: the repeated sacrifice. The passion.   Seashell Nightlight The room is sea-themed, I think, although this is lake country. A sin: […]


The cicadas are taunting me

  Evening. Second day of a semester generally considered bizarre since before its beginning.  The cicadas are humming. Droning. A behavior intolerable to the sun and the parched earth of Las Vegas*, where I spent the last few months convalescing (if I may be so melodramatic) from my eight weeks of solitary quarantine. The ebb […]


Bleach (and other thoughts on current events)

  Yes, bleach: Nirvana’s first album; a disinfectant and destroyer of clothing; a Presidentially approved injectable. And a blue powder that, in the presence of an appropriate solution of hydrogen peroxide, becomes the most potent chemical one might apply to one’s hair.  The Nirvana album title was apparently inspired by an AIDS prevention poster that […]


Learning as pastiche

  I’ve been thinking about the word pastiche a lot, with its bougie French flair, its ambivalent connotations, and its applicability not just to my life, but to pop culture in general. It fits so well with other artsy words: curation, collection, collage.  Per Wikipedia, pastiche exists among “mechanisms of intertextuality” as a style of derivative […]


Awkward first time…

  …posting. The last time I had anything resembling a “blog” was in high school, when I used to pour my heart into the drain of a blank-faced internet. Until I found out that people were actually reading that shit. I mostly keep paper journals now. As long as I’m privileged enough to give myself […]