…posting. The last time I had anything resembling a “blog” was in high school, when I used to pour my heart into the drain of a blank-faced internet. Until I found out that people were actually reading that shit. I mostly keep paper journals now.

As long as I’m privileged enough to give myself this platform, though, by paying DreamHost for this domain, I might as well use it, I suppose. But how exactly does one blog? Life updates?

I am mostly staying home – surprise surprise! After eight weeks alone in my one bedroom apartment, being back in Las Vegas with my parents and sisters feels comfortingly normal. It doesn’t do anything to counter the macro-level strangeness of this year, though, nor has it made me any more productive. 

I’ve been playing a lot of Fire Emblem, a lot of Animal Crossing. I’m hoping to ease up on the Switch in the near future, but tentative plans for my AC island include an outdoor gym for Sprocket, my favorite jock villager, with an adjoining sauna, and perhaps an open-air art studio. I’m also considering expansions to the “Herzstück” (heartpiece) of my island, the Low Budget Carnival. 

In other news, I’m over halfway through Moby Dick. Page 412 of 658 in my edition. I’ve learned quite a bit about whaling practices, but we have yet to actually, you know, encounter Moby Dick. Somehow that feels emblematic of our times. 

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